Todd Olsen


I've always been fascinated by new products and product and brand positioning. When I was 10 years old I probably enjoyed the cereal commercials as much as the Bugs Bunny cartoons. I studied marketing and advertising and worked at McCann Erickson and Young and Rubicam agencies right out of college-- learning my trade on Clorox household brands, and Chevron industrial and consumer brands. After San Francisco I became interested (like so many of us) with the internet, and worked for Fine.com, one of the first big web shops in Seattle, doing business development and online strategy.

After a brief stint at Microsoft, I started my second career journey at Starbucks in product management. I earned my MBA while working in the Starbucks international business unit, then applied my new skill-set to product launch and management activities on the $1 billion dollar Frappuccino blended beverage business. My signature project at Starbucks was re-inventing the ingredient set and build method for Frappuccino to align it with how customers enjoy Starbucks (personalization) while simplifying the ingredients and improving the coffee component.

After eight years at Starbucks, I became employee number two at a start-up called Golazo, founded by Richard Tait (extraordinary entrepreneur and Cranium founder). At Golazo, I developed a line of award-winning organic functional sports and energy drinks that combined healthy ingredients, great taste and unique functional benefits. Since then I have been helping brands re-define their product assortment, insights approach and brand positioning in CPG, retail and recreational marijuana categories.

I love innovation and the challenge of helping companies get their idea from napkin to shelves. 

Todd has a great calm, friendly, approachable personality that gets people to really open up to him and want to work with him. 

He has an inherent understanding of people and what makes them tick. He applies that thinking as he markets and develops products, to think about what is it that people want? How is it going to affect their life? Both physically and also on broader emotional or lifestyle perspective.

He’s strategic, energetic, caring, and visionary. And practical. He understands the realities of working in companies and organizations, it’s not just vision and strategy. You also need to make sure that it can happen.

He’s going to have some really unique perspectives that make him valuable both to the management team, but also as a mentor to a lot of new people that would join them.
— David Bauer