I’d wholeheartedly recommend Todd as a consultant. He’s extremely sharp and he’s a great guy. He very much thinks from the lens of consumer needs and the shape of the market he’s working with. He’s quite innovative. He’s got the kind of creative drive and inherent curiosity that mean he’s able to come up with fantastic new solutions to meet people’s needs. And he is someone that you can trust. He’s going to absolutely get the job done for you.

He’s able to wear a lot of different hats; product innovation, product design, project management. He’s got a real talent for working well with other people, so you’ll be able to plug him into your organization seamlessly. He also has a nuanced ability to understand the customer. He could connect with anyone and make anyone feel comfortable with him.

With Todd you get boundless enthusiasm, a business partner, a confidante and, importantly, fun!
— Laura Hughes