Your idea is amazing.

But sometimes great ideas lose their way along the path to launch. It could be your organization is too busy to give it proper care and feeding. Or your idea is trapped on a napkin waiting to come to life. Or maybe it needs that one consumer insight to give it wings.

Olympic Range Creation helps companies get their ideas off the ground and into the marketplace. We combine innovative research platforms for quick, actionable insights and over twenty years’ experience in consumer marketing and product management experience from start-up to Starbucks. Todd Olsen, founder and principal, has a unique blend of curiosity, creativity and a bias for action that produces remarkable results in a positive, culture-enhancing way.



Built for quick insights, product validation and launch.



We help unlock the potential in products. 



From start-ups to Starbucks, we help bring your ideas to life.

I want the whole world to know how impressed I am with Todd and his company, Olympic Range Creation. Todd was immediately responsive and able to deliver value from day one. His style is warm and personable. He really dives into the work and provides very interesting and helpful perspectives to the process and the final product. After completing the work, Todd remained available and accessible to me and my team. I can’t wait to work with Todd again!
— Marie Gill, Managing Director North America, at Caliber Global