Todd has a ton of energy – he is very, very deeply into whatever he is working on, and engaged in. He asks a lot of good questions about business intelligence, road plans, how tight was our business plan. 

He makes it clear, “Here’s our goal today. Here’s where we’re trying to get to.” And keeps people driving towards completion.

Todd has the has the ability to address everyone’s individual concerns and/or needs and do it in a way that’s inclusive and positive. He is able to say things in a way that’s stern and firm and yet not off-putting. He can say something and give you very honest feedback in a way that’s useful. That’s a real gift.

His critical thinking skills are very good - he’s good at getting to the root cause or whatever the issue is and how are we going to effectively solve it. He’s determined towards getting to the finish line but doing it in a way that everyone joins the race.

Todd is a guy that you want to be around.
— Scott McMartin