You have an amazing idea. Our process is designed to clear away the noise, give it definition and a consumer driven point of difference, pressure-test it and get it to the marketplace with confidence.



Starting first with you and your stakeholders, then the marketplace, we uncover the potential of your product idea.

● Stakeholder interviews
● Market / Competitive assessment
● Data review
● Brand diagnostic
● Hypothesis generation



We have access to your target consumer and get a quick pulse check on your brand before we go too far down a path.

●  What your customer thinks, feels
●  Features that matter
●  Where you stand
●  Alternate positioning statements




Now that we have an informed idea of your product, we can develop a tight concept or product plan. This can include detailed product and packaging design, functional prototypes, deeper cost and channel economics, supplier identification and production planning. 



Once again tapping into our rapid insights tool, we develop and test your product. We typically develop stimuli to bring ideas to life, and include key stakeholders or retail / channel partners.

●  Concept test
●  Messaging and packaging
●  Pricing
●  Deeper feedback



Okay we’ve developed, tested and refined your amazing product. Now it’s time to develop a launch action plan.

●  Recommendation
●  Launch Plan
●  Success criteria
●  Check-in Plan

Todd is a strong strategic leader. He took the challenge, grabbed it, came up with incredible solutions, and stood in front of large audiences sharing it time and time again. He’s a very courageous and tenacious change agent. He is all about, “Let’s try this idea.” He is all about pushing the edge, and I just love that about him.

He’s got a huge heart. He’s really a great team leader. He brings teams together. He’s a people developer.

He’s the guy who makes stuff happen and learns from it, bends it, shapes it, keeps it moving forward. He’s an entrepreneurial product leader. He doesn’t just it on the sidelines, Todd is the guy who actually acts. Todd is unique is his willingness to take that step into the ambiguity of innovation. Todd is a maker.
— Stuart Johnson


Consumer goods, retail, consumer tech companies who want to accelerate their ideas through quick consumer insights, competitive mapping, alignment of brand proposition to target consumer.

Venture capital groups seeking to evaluate marketplace and target consumer strengths and risks of a potential investment target, or start-ups planning on venture capital who wish to strengthen the story of why they will win in the marketplace.

Executives of medium to large sized companies that need disruptive thinking without disrupting their day-to-day operations, or ideas to revitalize their brand in the marketplace.

Start-up companies that need help defining their innovation process, including the best way to mine actionable consumer insights.

Todd has a great calm, friendly, approachable personality that gets people to really open up to him and want to work with him. 

He has an inherent understanding of people and what makes them tick. I think that he’s taken that and thought about it more broadly as he markets and develops products, to think about what is it that people want? How is it going to affect their life? Both physically and also on broader emotional or lifestyle perspective. And how it really applies to them.

He’s strategic, energetic, caring, and visionary. And practical. He understands the realities of working in companies and organizations, it’s not just vision and strategy. You also need to make sure that it can happen.

He’s going to have some really unique perspectives that make him valuable both to the management team, but also as a mentor to a lot of new people that would join them.
— David Bauer